Quote from satisfied customer-: A couple of months ago i bought a Burny Super Real (LP copy) from Japan.
It was an ebay jobby and although cheap it felt like it was really good apart from some setup issues. Normally i'd do basic setup stuff myself but, this had one slightly high frets so
I decided to get it looked at by someone who knew what they were doing.
A posting on here led me to Chris Newman Guitars. I took it over to him with the instructions to set it up for 10s,
sort out high frets and a setup. Utterly stunning results, the guitar is fantastic, So for all you guitarists out there who think their guitar is just not quite right give Chris a call.
(I have no affiliation apart from being a very happy customer)
David d.

Collings Guitars and Mandolins uploaded a new video: Chris Newman plays the Waterloo WL-14L.

Our good friend Chris Newman from the UK dropped in to check out some Waterloo models. Here he is playing his tune 'The Fish Supper' on a WL-14L. Awesome playing as ever Chris! http://www.waterlooguitars.com

Jan 2013- MIMESIS KUDOS Acoustic guitar pick-up by Mike Vanden Guitars.

Very pleased to be demonstrating
and endorsing this wonderful pick-up.
For MP3 clips and full technical spec go to -:www.vanden.co.uk

Published on Feb 6, 2015
Short video promoting the book What a difference a dog makes- the tail of the K9 Project. Written by Chris Kent
Music by Chris Newman The Blueridge Air From CD Slow Time

chris newman - blues, rock, slide and ragtime guitarist

What's happening?

Posted on 9th June 2013
Faith Naked Series issue 368 June 2013
Pages 109-112 www.guitarist.co.uk

Session work,recording and dep's
Posted on 3rd September 2009
Available for session work (All styles covered) Recording- Band/Duo/Solo Dep's TV and Film music.

New album for Nov 2012
Posted on 26th October 2012
New album Beach Hut Blues- Stella Hensley and Chris Newman. Due for release Nov 2012

New Album 2000 Miles- Chris Newman and Stella Hensley Due for release Dec 2012 Eight Original songs with guests James Doherty (Keys/ Accordion) Richard Ashman ( Percussion)

New guitar and amp repair workshop.
Posted on 26th November 2011
2011 New workshop now open for all guitar amp and effects repairs.
Amp and effects mods, guitar customizing.
Advice on amp and guitar setups.
Tuition and recording facility available.

Rory Gallagher Hammersmith Tribute 2003
Posted on 26th November 2011
Youtube clips from the Rory Gallagher Hammersmith Tribute- 2003.http://youtu.be/lc_EI2XNvJc